president trump

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said “nobody pushed” during his phone call with President Trump in which Trump asked him to investigate Vice President Joe Biden.
A last-minute negotiation session between the Justice Department and the House Judiciary Committee over the full Mueller report didn't work out.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-O.H.) criticized Republican judicial nominations in an extraordinarily scathing address on the Senate floor.
With federal employees set to miss another paycheck, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is urging workers to walk off the job.
Sen. Kamala Harris has made a name for herself in the Senate with her tough questions against figures like former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Now, Harris might be considering a run for president.
Macron spoke out against the dangers of nationalism, an ideology Trump has openly embraced in recent speeches.
The senator once said firing Jeff Sessions would unleash “holy hell” on President Trump. But now? Not so much.
Some of Fox News’ biggest personalities shunned any pretense at impartiality and stumped for the president ahead of the midterms.
After Rihanna found out that President Trump used her music at one of his rallies, she’s now demanding that the president find a new artist to play.
After a bomb scare at CNN, President Trump lectured the media on civility during a political rally in Wisconsin. The day after Trump’s speech, he tweeted out more hatred directed towards the media.
Nikki Haley just poked some laughs around at a fundraising dinner, but it was sometimes hard to tell if she was really joking.
President Trump just praised Congressman Greg Gianforte body-slamming a reporter.
Donald Trump won’t stop siding with Saudi Arabia, even with the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi still making headlines.
After nearly two years in the job, President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations is calling it quits.
The United Nations General Assembly laughed in President Trump’s face after he boasted about his achievements.
It’s reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested he secretly recorded President Trump to prove that he is unfit to hold office.
During a rare speech in Urbana, Illinois, former President Obama had some harsh words for the Trump Administration.
President Trump has some choice, go-to insults that he uses to attack nearly every media outlet -- except for one.
Trump has lashed out at evidence North Korea has already gone back on its promise to stop developing nuclear weapons
At their historic meeting, President Trump gave Kim Jong Un a major propaganda win and secured very little in return.