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“This effort will be guided by two core principles: Buy American, and hire American."
As Barack Obama is sworn in to his second term as President of the United States of America we decided to take the opportunity
This week, in Obama's Oval Office speech on the oil spill, he used the term "mission." That's the right word. It will take a purposeful commitment to a mission of change to truly respond to the epiphany in the Gulf.
The last time a Virginia governor was tasked with the rebuttal it was Tim Kaine, and the big takeaway was that the DNC was going to have to add a line item for eyebrow wrangling into their operational budget.
Zeleny maybe knows something to which the rest of us aren't privy, but it seems to me that the clearest sign that Obama is
Obama announced that he will deploy 30,000 additional US troops to Afghanistan, promising to bring them home just in time to vote in the next presidential election.
Here is what Bobby Jindal did wrong. He tried too hard to sound like everyone else. He tried to be the folksy hero that the Republicans have tried to serve up every election.
These are their stories. Last night, Obama gave his first address before congress. But the real winners of the evening were
Michelle Obama displayed her own 'flinty Chicago toughness' on Tuesday night as she braved the cold conditions of February
In his response to Barack Obama tonight, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke glowingly of the late Jefferson Parish Sheriff