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The issues separating Clinton and Obama were few. One point of difference related to enacting a national health insurance
Few, if any, grasp the fluidity of the human condition as does the clown. Be it before an audience of thousands or by the
None of the current candidates engage in this, not even Trump. Simply put no one has the power or access needed to both craft
In his widely noted book "Amusing Ourselves To Death," first published in 1987 and updated in 2005, Neil Postman makes a compelling case that modern communications technology is undermining actual communication.
But Ted Cruz's campaign takes the cake when it comes to gender pay gaps.
I swear to God, I've aged eons since this election cycle began; the image above would be funny if it weren't so true. Why does it take Americans so damn long to elect a president? Why? It only took eight months for me to decide to marry my husband; just half a year is needed to grow enough wheat to feed the nation.
What then might a hopeful, optimistic message for reform of the federal government contain? It would insist on hiring the best people, quickly. The reality is that the federal hiring system is too complex, too slow, and turns off or away good people.
There is no way to stop the barrage of insulting, deceptive attacks that will be leveled at Clinton, or any candidate for that matter, but the least we can do is refuse to be influenced by people who distort the facts, resort to fiction and refuse to do the level of research that separates journalists with integrity from imposters.