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The Trump administration has offered the Russian ambassadorship to Jon Huntsman, a former presidential candidate, governor of Utah and ambassador to China.
The Trump administration has offered the Russian ambassadorship to Jon Huntsman, a former presidential candidate, governor of Utah and ambassador to China.
Turns out Bernie is like the rest of us. He is currently carrying more than $25,000 of credit card debt.
Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein discusses her campaign and the state of politics with HuffPost Washington
Why does Paul Ryan get to pick and choose when he talks about Donald Trump?
Before Donald Trump was bringing his racist, homophobic, islamophobic, bigotry to the Presidential stage, he created a reality TV shows and filed for corporate bankruptcy four times. The Republican Candidate with a strange obsession with his tiny hands, grew up in New York and took over his family's real estate business, never really knowing many hardships, as his parents ensured he had everything he wanted.
What do election politics and professional wrestling have in common? Apparently, more than you think. Both feature over-the-top personalities giving 'cutting promos' (or giving speeches, depending on the arena), both have a tendency to stretch the truth in order to advance their own agendas, and both feature a healthy amount of trash talking directed at the competition.
In the wake of Bernie's big victories, Michael McCrudden is back to educate us on the man's life before he begins his steepest climb yet.
Ever wanted to take a bite out of Donald Trump? Now you can taste the man behind the hair thanks to this delicious Donald Trump Steak recipe from Atlanta-based comedian Josh Stillman AKA JStillz. It's well-done, a bit orange, super bigoted, and topped off with a tasty corn silk toupee.
Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday says he would rather vote for a write-in candidate than presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Just when I thought that one day, as a person with a vagina, I may (hypothetically-speaking), be able to become president... there was Saturday night's Democratic debate on ABC.
Coming off his embarrassingly disastrous "oops" run for the presidency four years ago, Rick Perry announced this week that most staffers will no longer receive salaries due to much lower than expected financial donations in his current crawl to the highest office in the land.
With its grand entrances, high painted ceilings, golden fixtures and colorful inlaid stones, it was deemed to be a perfect
These debates are high-stakes card games and pragmatic Republicans need to stand up and firmly bid No Trump before he tarnishes the GOP brand even further. While Trump can't be ignored, he can be exposed.
Unrestrained by the moderates of either ruling party of Gerasa, Mr. Legion has announced (howled, really) that he will run for president of the country, declaring that its dysfunctional government must be replaced by his Lunatic Fringe if it is to accomplish what the people really want.
Ferry Point, built on a former landfill in the Bronx, New York's most Latino-populated borough, includes a temporary clubhouse
Armenia's President Serzh Sargsyan has invited several world leaders to Yerevan on April 24 to commemorate the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Here are 10 reasons why Air Force One should make an auspicious landing in Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport on April 24.
He was a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker, and now he’s considering a presidential run.