For anyone who finds themself in line at their local polling place today and unsure of who to vote for, it might be helpful
Being substantive and factual is what makes for good debating. But since the PDC began planning America's all important debates in the '60s, debate templates have undergone real changes in form, and in particular, validity.
Ultimately, the goal here is to spread the word and get politicians to address the needs of students. Tell a friend; tweet
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Whatever I can do to help reelect President Obama and provide him with a majority in both houses of Congress so as to end the gridlock in Washington, D.C., I will do. I urge all other voters to do the same.
The Christian Science Monitor calls the energy transition claims made across the world clunky, offering that history suggests it can take up to 50 years to replace an existing energy infrastructure. The problem? We don't have that long.
What did Chicagoans make of the action? We took to Twitter to collect some local reactions to the debate. (Miss the debate
Partisans will never agree on who won Monday night’s debate, but now that the 2012 presidential debates are over, surely
Biden: 'Our Navy Is Superior To Every Other Navy In The World Combined'
Romney's knowledge is so flimsy and his declarations so cliché-ridden as to betray a distinct lack of comprehension or interest. As for Obama, residency in the White House has provided experience but has left him without strategic design or a modulated sense of national interests.
The presidential contenders clashed on foreign policy with election day just two weeks away. Check out scenes from the debate
Below, a live blog of the latest developments to unfold. The presidential debate on Monday night marks the third and final
Written by Suzanna Vicinus for NickMom #9 Everyone’s always talking at the same time. MORE FROM NICKMOM: "The Voice" Elimination
The candidates may not have clear answers to the challenges we face, but at least we need to understand how they think about the questions.
As pundits prepare to dissect every word that comes forth from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in tonight's debate, their analysis is likely to once again lack examination of the most immediate and critical effect these major events have on campaigns: online fundraising.
Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., which last week hosted the second presidential debate, shelled out $4.5 million. That's
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On the other hand, said Karim Sadjadpour, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the news
I had planned to dissect Obama's debate performance today, and highlight the best parts of it, but then I noticed the speech Obama gave this morning, in which he hit the same points even harder.
Americans overwhelmingly want to know: What can the U.S. do to reduce our troop presence in Afghanistan; what is each candidate's Middle East strategy; and how can we address nuclear threats such as Iran?
This year, it's gone a little nuts. Both parties' conventions, and all the debates have been surrounded with assessments by teams of experts who sound like, and in many cases are, personal advisers to the performers.
Will the media ever truly be a good vehicle for women and their stories? Not unless women have the option to run the show, ask the questions, and answer them in their own voices. For when women are invisible, their voices are not just lost, their victories are as well.