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The fact of the matter is that even with reports of voter intimidation and attempts at disenfranchisement at the polls, this
In my experience you should not trust an erratic person with great responsibility. You should not, for example, give your
We read the news so you don't have to.
Don't wait four years to become political again. Watch every move Trump makes, question every policy, and resist the politics of fear.
If I hear about Hillary Clinton's "flaws" from Democrats one more time, they can try winning the next election without women
Well, truth be told, Trump's right, the way we choose our president is in fact rigged against democracy.
Don't let anyone distort the facts: protesting Donald Trump is completely safe.
With Donald Trump's victory last night the Republicans find themselves in the historic position of being poised to fundamentally alter the trajectory of the United States.
Here are some of the places you can donate some of your time or money to enact some positive change.
It seems that once again American voters were screwed by the long wang of America: Florida.
If anything positive has come out of the Presidential election race, it's the constant flow of 140-character-or-less gems.
We know who you are Bill, but there's only one Clinton we want to see with President before their name.
Donald Trump is a highly inventive man with a robust sense of self worth and his own unique vocabulary.
Despite a past riddled with sex scandals, Bill has proved to be an incredible political figure who's not afraid to change the world.
So let this be a rallying cry: A vote for Trump is a vote against women.
In October 2008, the republican Presidential Nominee, Senator John McCain, was trailing Senator Barack Obama by a wide and
If you dismiss vulgar behavior because issues of taxation or immigration are more important than a candidate's despicable views of women, minorities and those with disabilities, you have not studied values.
Hillary Clinton went to Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, a mere seven miles east of New York City, and promptly out-New Yorked the New Yorker. She was confident, bold, in charge, poking with a wry smile at the master of persuasive provocation. She looked and sounded every bit the commander-in-chief.