Presidential nominee

With coronavirus reshaping the party conventions, the president said he is considering using the White House for his campaign speech, which is likely illegal.
The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee still has not commented on a sexual assault allegation from a former aide.
Candidates and likely candidates fan out in South Carolina, New York City and D.C. to seek the African-American support that can seal a nomination.
The former presidential nominee and harsh Trump critic is slated to be the clear front-runner.
If you're one of the many who don't like any presidential nominee this election cycle, don't waste your energy trying to decide whether to vote or not to vote, focus your thinking on which nominee's spouse you could tolerate in the White House.
For the skit “Mitt in the Mirror,” Romney had a deep discussion with the person he saw in a mirror, which was Fallon doing
"Your first job will not be your best job. Keep improving your skills, broadening your experience, your knowledge, your ability to think and work with others, and never give up. Damn the headwinds, keep rowing forward."
Obama has taken a word that captures the heartbeat of the current culture and made it something people look forward to rather than fear. He has made change a good word.
With Pennsylvania six weeks away, the media had to spike our interest by equalizing Hillary's big state victories by conning us into thinking that Wyoming and Mississippi are akin to Ohio and Texas.