presidential pardon

The president has told aides troubled by his orders not to "worry" about flouting any laws, The Washington Post reported.
The 2020 presidential candidate's Restoring Justice Initiative would aim to free federal prisoners “serving unjust and excessive sentences."
The president appears to be taking a step back following an outcry from veterans and former military officials.
Their alleged crimes include killing young children and burning bodies.
The state Assembly voted to permit authorities to bring state charges against individuals who have received presidential pardons.
The move "spits on the honor of the U.S. Navy and every single one of us who served with distinction and conviction to our oaths," a vet said on Twitter.
Black has spent the past few years lavishing praise on Trump and even wrote a book calling him a “president like no other.”
Paula Duncan said she set politics aside to convict Paul Manafort and now wants him to serve his punishment.
Lanny Davis says his client "does not want anything from Donald Trump."
The president is saying to his former campaign chairman: Don’t cut a deal, “help is on the way. I can pardon you in the future,” Joyce Vance said on MSNBC.
Things aren't looking great for Manafort in court. But Trump's response to a question about a pardon offers hope for the former campaign chairman.
Discussing praise and who earns it is an effective way to set the historical record straight.
The president continues a pattern of granting a politically oriented pardon after major news breaks in the federal investigation into his campaign and Russia.
The president also said he is considering clemency for Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich.
Libby was charged in an investigation into who leaked a covert CIA agent's identity to journalists.
“An apology for doing my job? That would never happen,” the pardoned former sheriff tells Univision News.
The recently pardoned Arpaio claims he was the victim of a "political witch hunt."