Presidential Records Act

Judge Amy Berman Jackson also demanded preservation of all records of officials attempting to "return, ‘claw back,’ ‘lock down’ or recall" information.
The news is still grim. 1. Chuck Rosenberg, the interim head of the DEA and holdover from the Obama administration, will
Auto-delete system aims to keep communications forever hidden from the public, a watchdog group claims.
The Summer of Trump continues. 1. J.P. Morgan Chase have pulled their ads from NBC to protest Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview
Officials "must answer for what they do and say," including tweets, lawmaker says.
By doing so, Trump and his staff may be violating federal record keeping laws.
"Additionally, your list of followers suggests that you remain actively engaged with more than two dozen individuals currently
When I see Obama using his Blackberry, the message I get is, "I'm on the job. Right now. And I'm using today's tools."
The White House possesses no archived e-mail messages for many of its component offices, including the Executive Office of