Pressure cooking

Including a bread maker, a powerhouse cooker for $49 and a cheap Roku TV with loads of five-star reviews.
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We're calling it: This gadget will replace your Instant Pot.
Let these Instant Pot recipe developers save you from yourself.
The creator wanted to facilitate a comfort dish for each of the newest clans in North America: porridge for the Chinese, dal for Indians, beans for Latinos.
By now you've heard someone mention InstantPot. It's an appliance that I'm learning I simply cannot do without. Chicken is my go-to.
You're scared. Jill Nussinow, aka the Veggie Queen understands that. She started out scared of her pressure cooker, too. She got over it. You will, too.
When it comes to the challenge of eating in, few appliances can compete with the time-efficient, fuel-efficient pressure cooker.