Pretty Woman

The "Ben Is Back" star believes there are "so many things you could poke a hole in" today with regard to her 1990 rom-com classic.
Do darker elements take the "com" out of rom-coms?
Facebook and Twitter told me to go see Wonder Woman. I’m not one for superhero movies, but it was an immense treat to read
Roberts has earned the accolade more times than any other star.
I am quite certain that there are hundreds of people in every aspect of entertainment whose lives and careers have been personally touched by Garry, and who would tell you their own version of how he impacted them and changed the course of their lives. This one is mine.
He pretty much left TV in the late 1980s to try the movies, where he'd had some success with a couple of small gems like
Doctoral theses are sure to be written about the nearly parallel -- yet philosophically opposite -- titans of TV comedy, Garry Marshall (signature brand: Happy Days) and Norman Lear (signature brand: All In The Family). Olav ha-shalom, Garry.
Commemorate the famed director, who died Tuesday.