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The brain still holds many mysteries, but there are nonetheless many things we can do to positively influence brain health and overall wellness.
Cuts in public health spending impact everyone.
Whatever you may think about how we pay for health care, everyone can agree that staying out of the emergency room is a good thing. Maintaining good health through access to primary care and healthy policies is better not only for individuals, but also for health care's bottom line.
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Most of the projects financed by the prevention fund are smaller in scale and cost and based in individual communities, however
Dr. Charlap's experiment in Florida may have failed, but if we can learn from his mistakes and adapt to and innovate within the medical system we have now, it seems like a sustainable model for preventative medicine might close at hand.
At the Symposium, keynote speaker and HuffPost Medical Editor Dr. Dean Ornish, author, president and founder of the Preventive
As a nation, our eating habits are out of control. Instead of fixating on the latest study, we need to reject the status quo, vote with our grocery dollars, and call for the government to reallocate public funds to stem the spread of cheap junk.
Have you ever gone on a trip and unexpectedly found yourself in need of medical care? What if your condition could have been predicted? Better yet, what if you already had the medicine needed to treat that condition in your luggage?
The recent jobs report from the Department of Labor raises an important question: Is the expansion within the health care industry a good thing for our economy and nation, or is it an emerging bubble that will inevitably burst?
Cancer seems to be heading in a new direction. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control issued a report indicating that two-thirds of cancer cases may be preventable.
As I write this, the Prevention Fund is about to undergo -- or has just undergone -- a $5 billion amputation. For those of us dedicated to disease prevention and health promotion, this is a very cruel cut indeed.
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In spite of this relative popularity, it can be difficult to determine how effective these CAM methods actually are, given
Cancer is perhaps the most frightening of all diseases we face. And the thing is, it's very often entirely preventable. If we simply made some different decisions, earlier, many cancers would never happen.
Ginkgo stimulates neurogenesis in the brains of mice that have been genetically altered to develop amyloid plaques in their brains very similar to those that develop in people with Alzheimer's.
For a number of years there has been evidence that leptin, a hormone involved in the regulation of appetite and fat metabolism in the body, might play a role in preventing Alzheimer's Disease.