Plus, some other research-backed ways to keep calm and carry on.
People who eat more fiber lower their risk of chronic diseases.
  More than 30 years ago, I suggested in The Gerontologist that Americans who were old, poor, and female were in “triple
My worries are worsened in this political climate, as patients face the threat of losing health insurance.
Current leadership suggests that any protections that would come with the legislation may soon be an effort of the past and
  Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer are attributable, at least in part, to diet and lifestyle
One way to look at it is this: where development is low and poverty is high, people are more likely to break the law and
Spices are old. They have been valued for their ability to bring other worlds and cultures to our table, to make food delicious
Less Cancer has been at the forefront of informing people on everything from lifestyle to the environmental risks associated