price gouging

Federal agencies have hired contractors with no experience to find respirators and masks, fueling a black market filled with price gouging and multiple layers of profiteering brokers.
Matt and Noah Colvin's donation of more than 17,000 bottles was restitution enough, the Tennessee Attorney General's office said.
“I saw a demand," said Matt Colvin, who admitted to buying up nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer at stores in Tennessee and Kentucky.
Many with diabetes, faced with tripling insulin prices, are now forced to choose between life and rent.
Daraprim, used to treat AIDS, malaria and cancer patients, once cost $13.50 a pill. Now it costs $750 a pill.
Shoppers were reporting that some stores were charging as much as $30 for a case.
A photo showing a case of bottled water priced at $42.96 quickly went viral.
Drug companies, who are spending $90 million to stop Proposition 61, will continue to overcharge Californians until we pass Prop 61 to stop their price gouging.
• The federal government provided at least $4 million to fund HCV-related research that appears to have aided in the development
They will never choose personal enrichment over saving the lives of others.
Mylan is making an offer that appears to be more altruistic than it really is.
A Vietnam vet told me about a veteran of the Iraq War who, when some civilian said, "Thank you for your service," replied: "I didn't serve, I was used." In fact, there are many ways today's veterans are used, conned, and exploited by big gamers right here at home.
After a long dry spell, the pharmaceutical research industry has brought to market a spate of innovative treatments that can extend life and often have fewer side effects than older treatments. But these medicines are not affordable to most of the people who need them.
How do students cope with this financial burden? Some share textbooks with fellow students, who also can't afford them. Others borrow texts at odd times when their owners are not using them. But increasingly, students are forgoing textbooks and are relying on class notes and information they pick up from secondary sources on the internet.
I wonder how long it takes Turing Pharmaceuticals to blow through $100,000. If your testimonies at the recent congressional hearing on drug pricing are correct, then I'm guessing a Christmas party or two would take care of $100,000.
Martin Shkreli is part of a federal probe involving a biotech company that fired him last year.