You could be charged more just for walking inside a store.
More salons are utilizing gender-neutral pricing, charging for the time you spend in the chair rather than your sex.
For Teen Vogue, by Marissa G. Muller.  There is something very strange happening with Amazon's pricing strategy for clothing
Do you find yourself justifying your prices? Are you offended when someone asks you why you've set your price so high?
These days, the term "disruption" is all the rage in business and entrepreneurial circles. Startups want to "disrupt the status quo" with slick designs, clever business solutions and innovative products, but too often find themselves mired in cost and production problems.
Both services are very similar except for the price. They both want to earn $1,000 per month and to do so: Here's a quick
Most consultants and freelancers are under the mistaken assumption that their prices should be determined by their monetary needs divided by the number of hour they have to consult.
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A funny thing happens on the way to building a successful business. At a certain point you actually need customers who can pay you for the product or service that you offer.