Pride 2019

These photos of loving parents at Pride events are very moving.
“As we celebrate Pride ... we also have to remember that there’s so much work that needs to be done,” the activist said.
The pop icon told LGBTQ revelers she would "take a bullet" for them in an emotional speech.
A Russian celebration, a headless dancer and a SpaceX launch round out this week's images.
The singer and co-founder of the LoveLoud Festival says he's more impassioned than ever to bring about change for the community.
"I am truly touched by what we can do when we come together as one," the actor and singer said of the benefit concert.
Millions of Brazilians pushed back against the homophobic policies of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro at the first Pride parade since his election.
Minnesota's Jack Baker and Mike McConnell obtained a marriage license in 1971, but their road to wedded bliss wasn't an easy one.
Ariana DiLorenzo, frontwoman of the synth-pop group, says lending her voice to Pride festivities nationwide has been "an honor."
The "Modern Family" star is finding creative ways to incorporate LGBTQ advocacy into his latest work, including bow ties, Broadway and a Taylor Swift video cameo.