The Rev. Ulrich Zurkuhlen was apparently attempting to teach parishioners at Holy Spirit Church in Münster about the importance of forgiveness in Christianity.
Three men attached a rope around a statue of Monsignor Henryk Jankowski and pulled it down.
The Rev. George Koharchik told the men who say he molested them nearly 30 years ago that he believes God has forgiven him.
David Poulson, one of over 300 "predator priests" within the state's Catholic Church, faces 14 years in prison.
Arthur J. Perrault, who spent 26 years as a fugitive, now faces child sex abuse charges in New Mexico.
The Merrillville Police Department is investigating the assault as a hate crime.
74-year-old Paul Bradshaw, once called a liar for his claims, says he can now die happy.
Former Pittsburgh bishop Cardinal Donald Wuerl urged parishioners not to lose confidence in the church.
Pittsburgh's Bishop David Zubik said the diocese didn't find allegations against these few priests to be credible.
The Harrisburg diocese apologized for failing to respond properly to abuse allegations against priests and other church leaders.
Father Gregory Greiten is a Catholic priest from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who came out as gay to his parish and the church.
The Rev. Gregory Greiten said he "will embrace the person that God created me to be."
With one wedding under her belt, Sister Pierrette Thiffault says she's ready to give it another go.
Long opens up about what he wanted to do before he was bitten by the acting bug.
"I'm a Methodist minister," the Rev. Amos Sherald responded with a warm smile. By Jerry Zezima "If you come back with everything
A good reminder that we all have more in common than meets the eye.