priest abuse

The former pontiff's personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, said Benedict "is very sorry for this mistake and asks to be excused.”
A recent investigation from the Associated Press found that hundreds of accused priests are now working as teachers, nurses and even counselors for sexual assault survivors.
Whether the predator is a TV star or a local priest, sexual abuse survivors in Pennsylvania want lawmakers to pursue justice for victims.
A Pennsylvania grand jury identified more than 300 alleged "predator priests." Here are just some of the stories.
I was anxious to see the movie since I was The Boston Globe reporter who first broke the story about a molesting priest in Massachusetts. Let me say right up front that Spotlight is a riveting movie that gets a lot right. However, there are a few things the film doesn't get quite right.
They ask why Francis would praise U.S. bishops for a supposed "generous commitment to bring healing to victims."
In June, Wesolowski was defrocked after a Vatican tribunal found him guilty under canon law of abusing young boys. He recently
“It is, I think, not appropriate for legal culpability to be foisted on the authority figure.” The Survivors Network of those
The appeals for help from SNAP have increased so much — from students abused by teachers to victims of former Penn State