The Catholic Church has an "internal document" for priests who have children despite their vow of celibacy.
The Holy Bible famously documents the stories of individuals whose origins in no way point toward the legacy they are celebrated
In a separate, in-depth study of 12 priests, participants reported that they felt pressure to be models of the divine. They
The power was previously reserved for bishops or special confessors.
All things considered, Schleifer and Chaves report, it is difficult to conclude that "clergy are underpaid relative to other
Jewish tradition is immensely frustrating So many rules is the bible dictating To think I was able to manage with less Is
Dan responded to the suffering and ostracism of people with AIDS with loving kindness, compassion and friendship. A friendship in which there was no place for the pharisaical moral judgement of so many church leaders.
Whenever I tell someone I study religion and comics I get a subtle head turn and then, as if on cue, "Oh, how interesting." It takes a minute, but you can see in their eyes the connections being drawn together.
An international 2012 poll found that Ireland is losing its religion faster than almost every other country.
Not even the priests can hold back their excitement.
In our modern world has the Supreme Court one upped all Catholicism, by showing more reason, compassion and understanding of gays? Has the Supreme Court taken the place of the Church, exhibiting more humanity than she?