IMDb, the Friends wikia and most of the Internet credit Hagerty with the role of Ugly Naked Guy, but the actor insists that
But who in the world could Rebecca be texting? It seems the girl has no friends, and yet someone on the other end of that
Annalise calls Nate again on a burner phone for his emotional support. Is he really this stupid or smitten to be talking
Back with our favorite murdering law students, Laurel of course figured out (not that I called that yesterday or anything
Which leads us to the second biggest reveal of the season: Wes killed Sam. He delivered the death blow with the trophy to
Could it be Annalise? Did she manipulate some of her students to kill him or do the dirty deed herself? Did Nate hear the
Next thing you know, Rebecca goes on the offensive and claims Griffin raped her. It doesn’t stop the proceedings though, as
In prep work, Frank and Laurel flirt again. Bonnie creeps, per usual. The kids are sent to gather some intel, and Asher starts
In the flash forward, we find out that Frank lied to Laurel about something, and she’s pretty mad about it. She also just
In our first flash forward, it becomes clear this will be Connor’s episode. He’s the one laying on the ground looking into
"How to Get Away With Murder" airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Back to our murderous group in the woods, and Laurel
Kicking off with a flashforward, we learn there’s a mysterious “she” involved in the murderous foursome’s killing of Sam
It's time to set your winter DVRs, folks. Your favorite shows are back from hiatus, and new buzzy shows like HBO's "True Detective" are just about to premiere. We've compiled an expansive list of when each show returns and debuts. Get excited, it's going to be a long (and TV-filled) winter.
Kristen Johnston turned to Facebook on Tuesday (Dec. 17), to tell her fans about an illness she's been facing. "The Exes" star has been diagnosed with Lupus Myelitis after months of discomfort and weakness.
Fresh off her split from Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr has reportedly moved on with a billionaire.
Many people, including Ellen DeGeneres, assume Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney are complete opposites. But, in reality, they are extremely compatible -- at least according to Gaga.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are likely leaving acting behind.
Heidi Montag, reality show star turned plastic surgery spectacle, has gone under the knife again -- this time, for medical reasons. The 27-year-old former "Hills" star reportedly underwent a breast reduction that decreased her bra size from an "F" to a "D."
Perhaps desperate times do call for desperate measures, because Tori Spelling really isn't holding anything back in her latest book, "Spelling It Like It Is."
The fact that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West plan to sign a prenuptial agreement probably won't come as a surprise to many, but recent claims on who is worth more probably will.