A customer was "shocked" when he saw the shirt in a Primark store.
Transparency is one of the cornerstones of ethical fashion -- it's the only way we can know how people and the environment were treated in the production of our clothes.
In a move that at this point surprises no one, yet another retailer has come under fire for using super skinny mannequins
“Forced to work exhausting hours,” the hand-stitched label in the dress reportedly read. Gallagher told the South Wales Evening
Primark sunglasses CORRECTION: This post previously stated that Primark was a UK retailer. While Primark has managed to yield
In the weeks since a tragic building collapse claimed more than 1,100 lives, a pact among global retailers to protect Bangladesh
More than 3,000 people worked producing cheap t-shirts for European clothing chains in the highrise sweatshop that collapsed
Quartz: The eight-story factory building just outside Dhaka that collapsed yesterday has now killed at least 228 workers
For now, check out Primark's spring looks in both the store window and the website. Do you think the items look too similar
Bloggers for The Fashion Law noticed the similarity between Primark's newest products and Prabal's, posting an Instagram
Look, we can't encase our little girls in a protective glass case and expect them to never be exposed to the harsh reality that at some point in their lives, probably sooner rather than later, they will viewed as sexual objects. But do we need them to feel it before they know how to multiply single digits?