Primary and Secondary Schools

The administration also suggested arming school personnel, which could include teachers.
Manchester Elementary School principal Jennifer Sinclair told teachers she came "from a place that Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools."
Kleenex tissues and hand sanitizer are basics, but the list of what they need goes on.
By David Washburn The two 9th-grade girls heard the laughing the minute they walked into their third-period class that December
"It’s difficult not to respond when you hear there is such a significant need.”
"It is the last resort, but it is an option," the Millcreek School District superintendent said.
As schools close due to walkouts, kids are standing with teachers to demand more school funding.
“I’ve gone to school to provide children with a great education and to give them love ... not to have a gun."
At a charter high school in a high-poverty area of Brooklyn, New York, many kids don’t graduate in four years. Seeing their achievements requires looking beyond the data.
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"A disruption of the school will not be tolerated," says the head of the Needville Independent School District.