primary debates

During this election, the Republican and Democratic parties have asserted unprecedented control over the primary debates, and the results have been disastrous.
Bernie Sanders, who leads polls in the state, is suing the Democratic National Committee.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, both big characters within the party, failed
Bush and Rubio's top spokesmen traded thinly veiled attacks Thursday morning.
Democrats announced earlier this year that they would hold six official primary debates beginning this fall. Sanders' bid
The idea was to prevent chaos. Instead, efforts to control this season's Republican presidential primary debates have injected greater uncertainty into an already volatile process. With somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 candidates jockeying for position, the upcoming series of jousts is already beginning to resemble a survival-of-the-fittest reality show.
Despite my arch take on the RNC's "one year after the autopsy" video yesterday, you can color me impressed with the way Reince
The rampant proliferation of overcrowded candidate debates may provide the media with the names they demand to draw big audiences, but they don't work as platforms for public illumination.