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The 2020 Democrat who was bused as a child said America's schools are "as segregated, if not more segregated today than when I was in elementary school."
But Andrew Moffat’s inclusive lessons don’t sit well with some angry parents.
At present, persecution of LGBTQ people in the country is rife.
The child watches closely and absorbs your confidence in what you are asking her to do. If she sees you are matter-of-fact
I want you to go... but God how I want to stay with you.
Whether or not one committed the crime, when one is released from prison the community often fosters their own reality of
Watch TV, see friends, read books and eat ice cream!
Dear Year 6 pupils, Next week you will sit your SATs tests for maths, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation. We know
While privileged and generally very expensive schools around the globe bank on diversity through both their internationally recognized curriculums and extracurricular activities like Model United Nations, the accessibility to such resources lacks in mainstream schools in most countries.
If it's such a good idea to stay in school until the age of 18 or graduation, why have only 21 states passed this law? Because by the time a student reaches 16, it is often too late.