Primatologist Laura Marsh said she burst into tears when she first caught a glimpse of the Vanzolini bald-faced saki monkey in the Amazon.
According to the latest estimates, 60% of species are endangered due to human activities and 75% of all primate populations
As long as there is that need, however, and there are people around the country who are willing to assist, we'll be getting
Exotic pet ownership poses risks to animals and humans alike. And, when things go wrong--as they often do--it is over-burdened
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The rare sighting is being called the first of its kind for this species.
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The primates displayed asocial behavior, including becoming stressed when looked in the eye.
I spent some quality time with this spider monkey, and when I brought out a stuffed animal, the excitement it created was caught beautifully in this video, proving just how positive the effects of animal enrichment can be. Let the beat-boxing begin!
The other day Leo Sam, our two-year-old, climbed up on the couch behind me as I read the news on my laptop. When I clicked to a photograph of a Syrian refugee child arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos after a sea crossing from mainland Turkey I heard a small voice behind me: "Baby cry."
Scientists studying Koko the gorilla witnessed a range of remarkable vocal behaviors.