Anime Strike will cost U.S. Prime users an additional $4.99 per month.
Being a woman "of a certain age" has never been more badass.
Pretty much without fail, all the classic old cartoons featured a cast almost entirely made up of male characters, with a handful of females tossed in for the express purpose of serving as a sexual foil for the guys
Many years ago, art collector, Ed Sweeney, began taking notice of a young man, Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez, a sculptor and graffiti artist.
The youth community's reaction to police suppression resulted in fierce artistic expression: Punk rock in clubs and graffiti
The name Joe Reza "Prime" should be a household name, one that everyone should recognize.
In Channel Surfing #8, What's Trending presents the best of YouTube's original channels this week!
We bet at least some of these will be new even to dedicated movie fans, and you'll be glad you found them. Read more on EW.COM
On Friday, a joint hearing of the Senate and Assembly health committees will convene in Los Angeles to hear testimony about
FORECLOSURES ARE RISING AND NOT JUST HOMEOWNERS AFFECTED; A Haitian Story: Loses Family Home In Earthquake, NY Home in "Bankquake
Bryan Greenberg laughs ruefully at the question of who's the better kisser: Alexis Bledel or Uma Thurman? But he's one of the few actors around who can answer it, so it needs to be brought up.
About 30% of foreclosures in June involved homes in the top third of local housing values, up from 16% when the foreclosure