Prime Minister Narendra Modi

From Brexit to Trump's victory in the U.S presidential elections, the second decade of the century that began under the hallmark of globalization has been ironically marked with a rise of nationalistic fervor.
Meanwhile, the buying has stalled at kirana stores and subzi mandis around the country. Supply chain transactions, real estate
Experts say the program helped avert 3 million HIV infections between 1995 and 2015.
It is hardly two weeks since Modi's visit, but India has already made international headlines for religious violence that led to a man to be lynched to death by a mob.
Is Modi's visit "Madison Square Garden Part 2?" Not really. It is unlikely that San Jose will surpass Madison Square Garden in the numbers game, but in the digital game, it just may well.
Yoga has the potential to transform both our inner and outer selves in a way that would allow us to see past differences
NEW DELHI -- Despite speaking eloquently of tolerance and accommodation, Modi has remained largely silent in the face of hate speech by BJP ministers and MPs that is alienating India's non-Hindu minorities. The BJP may preach development, but it is practicing bigotry -- a contradiction that Modi could resolve only by repudiating the forces that helped ensure his electoral victory.
NEW DELHI -- China's ambitions in the South China Sea have extended well into the Indian Ocean, and the prospect of an emerging superpower casting its shadow has roused anxiety in a number of littoral states, which look to India as an alternative security provider.
It will take time for India to enact major reforms, but the Indian people are intelligent, resourceful and determined, and they have progressive leadership. Every U.S. corporation that aspires to a world footprint must have a presence in India.
What about "shared values" that Obama and Modi have flaunted? They help in dealing with a shabby world but only up to a point. The pragmatist in Modi knows that since India is China's neighbor, it is imperative to calm a neighbor's angst -- and the angst of distant neighbors -- rather than to merely revel in the effusive cordiality of a country located beyond the seven seas. The basic instincts of the two ancient civilizations might yet astound the world.
Obama said he was impressed by the participation of so many women during his three-day visit, including those in the armed
Given the difficulty in achieving a breakthrough in any of the major problem areas, why is Obama going to India? What does he hope to achieve? I think the primary objective is to reinforce the strategic nature of the relationship by finding ways to enlarge the scope for joint action that are not dependent on what happens at the transactional end.
Modi makes radio speeches at least every month to communicate with two-thirds of India's 1.2 billion people who regularly
I wonder and remain optimistic that International Yoga Day is not only shifting the body, but it becomes an official day where everyone can choose to shift their minds towards a more empowered state.
I wonder if world leaders observing this call to greater awareness are also waking up to a new dimension of leadership, for both themselves and those they've been tasked with leading.
Like an estimated 1 million other Indians, Singh does the work because he was born into a low caste. His parents did the