Prime Minister Narendra Modi

From Brexit to Trump's victory in the U.S presidential elections, the second decade of the century that began under the hallmark of globalization has been ironically marked with a rise of nationalistic fervor.
At the same time, let's not demonise the demonetiser. Modi's war on cash in a high cost environment follows international
Experts say the program helped avert 3 million HIV infections between 1995 and 2015.
It is hardly two weeks since Modi's visit, but India has already made international headlines for religious violence that led to a man to be lynched to death by a mob.
Is Modi's visit "Madison Square Garden Part 2?" Not really. It is unlikely that San Jose will surpass Madison Square Garden in the numbers game, but in the digital game, it just may well.
However, according to Andrea Jain, assistant professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University, these efforts may not
NEW DELHI -- Despite speaking eloquently of tolerance and accommodation, Modi has remained largely silent in the face of hate speech by BJP ministers and MPs that is alienating India's non-Hindu minorities. The BJP may preach development, but it is practicing bigotry -- a contradiction that Modi could resolve only by repudiating the forces that helped ensure his electoral victory.
NEW DELHI -- China's ambitions in the South China Sea have extended well into the Indian Ocean, and the prospect of an emerging superpower casting its shadow has roused anxiety in a number of littoral states, which look to India as an alternative security provider.