Prime Minister of Spain

Rajoy lost a parliamentary confidence vote triggered by a long-running corruption trial involving members of his center-right party.
The government voted to strip Catalonia of its autonomy less than an hour after the region declared independence.
Instead, Carles Puigdemont made a “sincere and honest” offer for dialogue.
President Carles Puigdemont requested more time for negotiations.
The region is divided over a movement to breakaway from Spain.
BARCELONA/MADRID, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Catalonia will move on Monday to declare independence from Spain following Oct. 1′s banned
As Spanish police wielded batons and fired rubber bullets at Catalan voters, the region’s own police force adopted a much gentler approach.
All of Spain is baffled by what's going on.
"I was ashamed of what was taking place,” the president said during a press conference with the Spanish prime minister.