prime minister shinzo abe

Officials said they had not finalized when or where the meeting would take place, who would be invited, or in some cases whom to call for answers.
This week, Prime Minister Abe and his supporters will finish their final thrashing of the nation's democratic processes to secure the definitional changes they have long hunted for Japan's military.
The head of Japan's atomic watchdog said that new safety rules meant a repeat of the Fukushima disaster would not happen, but protesters outside the Sendai plant are not convinced.
The report comes as Japan prepares to make a major statement about its WWII history.
You want ominous? Then offer a deep bow to conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a man eager to turn the Japanese military into an ever less defensive force, fully breach his country's "peace constitution," and assumedly someday end Japan's "nuclear allergy" when it comes to a future weapons program.