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Virginia Giuffre is urging Britain’s Prince Andrew to admit that Jeffrey Epstein forced him to have sex with her when Giuffre was just 17 years old.
Harry and Meghan’s nuptials are the latest in a tradition of glamorous British royal weddings throughout the 20th century.
Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Friday dismissed as "a complete and total lie" allegations of sexual assault levied by a woman who claims she was kept as a sex slave by billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein.
The accuser is seeking to join litigation dating back to 2008, in which several women who say they were victimized by Epstein
"They will have to look at this," he told Sky News. "The story of the burglar is a much more difficult story than the Andrew
Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew may not have had the most seamless of marriages, but that doesn't mean they aren't up for giving it another go. In fact, sources are now saying that the divorced pair is headed to the altar once again.
Fergie's come a long way: We're not giving up hope just yet. Do you think wedding bells will ring for Fergie and Prince Andrew
While America does not have a royal family to promote its brand, people and products around the world, it does have an untapped resource with its own brand of royal magic: former presidents and first ladies.
There once was a royal named Will. Whose grandma was over the hill. They made him an Earl And he got his girl. Of his nuptials we've all had our fill.
What difference will it make if I see one kind of penguin instead of five species of them? I am in Antarctica, and though we've been at sea only a few days, I'm worried I've made a mistake.
Beatrice burst into tears after becoming sandwiched between the two high-sided vehicles as she drove around the six-lane
Queen Elizabeth is in town today, unfortunately making her grand entrance on what could be the hottest day of the year. The
The Royals -- they're just like us! Yes, indeed, some of the richest, most pampered, most prim and proper members of the
Prince Andrew has allegedly hit a police officer with his car, the AP reports: His excuse? "I'm in a hurry." British police
A royal visit to Libya is being reconsidered after the welcome given to the Lockerbie bomber on his return to the country
Bernard Madoff's alleged $50bn fraud could not have happened in London, according to Prince Andrew, who argued that the UK's
The Duke of York has criticised the US administration for failing to listen to advice from Britain on how to avoid problems