prince rogers nelson

I wonder if all of the hype and idolizing of him obscured the fact to his associates that at end of the day each and every one of us have this in common; we all suffer.
It wasn't until Prince's death, as I relived his music's impact at various times in my life, that I placed that night in the midst of those dark months of bullying and hopelessness.
People use the phrase "larger than life" idiomatically -- but with Prince, it was a factual data point. If you saw him live, you sensed it. If you watched his incredible Super Bowl performance, you felt it.
Some people make music that takes you deep into remembering and the healing found in those depths, and some people create
I finally shed massive tears for Prince a few days after he left us. Was not sure if I knew how to do so given the hole-in-the-heart sorrow I feel. I am sleepless, numb, and terribly sad that Prince is dead, gone from us forever.
My feet were in such pain by the time I got home, from standing in those high, high heels, but I had been selected as an extra, and for several days I got to watch Prince perform all of those songs he played in the movie Purple Rain.
Today I'm still upset. I'm still in shock. As I hugged another coworker who stopped to comfort me (my work is pretty great) I thanked her and let her know that while some may see it as weird or silly to cry over a musician's death...a strangers death, that he was no stranger to me.
Prince was a legend because he made so many people feel something. He didn't just play an instrument, he played our heartstrings. He sang, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life." We are all getting through it and he gave us the words to say.
There's too much to say about him and his artistry. I'm running out of words. I'll say this though - he gave the best Superbowl