A tribute to an icon is no easy feat for any artist. The goal of a tribute is to show admiration and gratitude for life and legacy in addition to creating a moment that touches the hearts of the audience.
The Red Rocks Amphitheater became a lavender sea as fans and their families filled the seats, squeezing close together to accommodate the record-breaking FOTR crowd; a sell-out at 9000 within 24 hours.
"I like 'Purple Rain,'" quipped the 75-year-old country music fan.
Watch as "Comfortably Numb" suddenly transforms into "Purple Rain."
Kevin shared stories not heard elsewhere from Prince's childhood, formative years and the story behind his fight against
You don't have to be a grown-up to get down to "Purple Rain."
Last summer, in what would be his final middle finger to an exploitative record industry and last act of badassery in a career