Princess Di

It’s been nearly two decades since Princess Diana died, but her legacy continues to protect vulnerable people in need. Mozambique
Even princesses know how to rock the cool and casual look. Sharp dressers know the power of stripes. Rihanna's style star
The birth of the newest royal puts Diana back in the hearts and minds of our entire generation. We watched her fairy tale wedding; lived through her challenges; grew to adore and were devastated by her death. As many of us are becoming grandparents, we feel a fresh wave of pain at her loss.
PHOTO: Vanity Fair is known for putting long-gone icons on its covers -- indeed, it placed Diana on the cover in October
The cover story, an essay by Camille Paglia, argues that the two celebrities maintained a "ravishingly seductive flirtation
Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the princess's eventual wedding dress designers, the gown was a daring choice for
When it comes to conspiracies, scandals and all-around strange behavior no one does it better than the British Monarchs. Along
We've looked back at the Royal Wedding on the anniversary of the day Diana married Prince Charles and we've reminisced about
Conspiracy theories seem to be like the human posterior: Everyone has one. But some theories are wackier than others, such
When strangers ply us with questions like "And you are?", "Who are you with?", or "Where did you go to school?" they are likely sizing up our power as belied by our affiliations.
Read more on Newsweek Catherine the Great was a woman with an extravagant, exacting sexual appetite. During the 34 years
The Kennedy family has always had special meaning in my life. I know exactly where I was when a friend yelled out to me in 1963, "The president has been shot."