princess margaret

Queen Elizabeth's well-coiffed, hat-donning sister was more great hair than heir apparent.
Here are some of Princess Margaret's finest fashion moments for all you "The Crown" fans.
Harry and Meghan’s nuptials are the latest in a tradition of glamorous British royal weddings throughout the 20th century.
Data from Wikipedia has made clear that fans of the Netflix series “The Crown” are reading Wikipedia entries on the show’s characters as they binge watch.
She is the best-known woman in the world, and she has been since 1952 when Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, at age 25, became Queen Elizabeth II. Although she has a huge list of titles, she is to most people simply The Queen.
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We tracked down a copy of the official wedding souvenir programme from Princess Margaret's nuptials, and we've got images
It is in times like this that we satirists feel a sense of despair. How can we possibly come up with lines as funny as the reality of the British Royal family disgracing itself?