Get ready for "Nella the Princess Knight."
"How powerful it would be to call girls words other than ‘princess?’ What could accomplish if that happened?"
Fashion designer and feminist, Coco Chanel, said, "A girl should be two things. Who and what she wants." I don't believe that all princesses have to wear glittery pink dresses and dazzling tiaras. And I definitely don't think that every fairy tale needs a prince.
Turns out, no one is safe from the horrors of runny mascara.
By now, Disney princesses have been reimagined in just about every way possible, with realistic waistlines and faces to name
The usual fairy tale goes: Prince Charming sweeps a princess off her feet, they ride into the sunset and that's where the
"The Iron Stove" This one is a bit of a fever dream. A princess rescues a prince from inside a giant iron stove. But because