print media

"The longer that we get something for free, the less willing we are to pay for it."
Listen, there is more media today than ever in our history -- there's probably two or three times as much media now as a
Well, the good news is that marketing agencies are expected to spend a total of $540 billion worldwide on advertising in
The offer will be extended to some 90 employees of the company's 600-person staff. "USA TODAY announced Wednesday that it
A number of longstanding print publications such as The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, New York and GQ are nominated for
A handful of memorable articles are also up for top prizes. Monica Lewinsky's "Shame and Survival," for Vanity Fair, and
In September, television critic Alessandra Stanley wrote a review of Shonda Rhimes' "How To Get Away with Murder" which some
Four more staff members have resigned from The New Republic, Politico reported Tuesday. In December, shortly after the magazine's
All things considered, 2014 proved to be a pretty decent year for the magazine industry. “In 2014, there were a few more