Printmaking as an art process ranges from the basic to the extraordinarily advanced. Schwartz's and Burnet's etching technique
One seemingly mythic fact is surprisingly true: both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day -- July 4th, 1826 -- the 50th anniversary of Dunlop's dating and printing of The Declaration of Independence.
This craft used to be a man's world, but these women changed the game.
The folks at Epson have developed a line of PrecisionCore printers that virtually eliminate the so-called ink cartridge addiction.
Imagine the number of people who have much of their personal or family photo archives on Facebook servers! Now imagine Facebook
Originally a consultant, Doyle was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as a forensic accountant for the Army. After returning to the U.S., he saw the same men and women who had given their lives for their country struggling to survive.
The comma is one of the oldest marks of punctuation. It was created over 2,300 years ago by a Greek scholar named Aristophanes, head of the fabled Library of Alexandra, in a punctuational big bang that also gave us the colon and the period.
In 8th-century Baghdad, the warraqueen (those that handle paper) were the paper masters, the human photocopiers, copying texts and creating tomes to fill shelves throughout the Islamic world.
Despite the popularity and convenience of the Kindle, there is still a demand and desire for the physical book.
Sergio de Arrola is a Spanish guerrilla artist and photographer who is uncomfortable with the moniker "artist." Sergio's mission, it seems, is to depict the world in black, as well as striking color.
The idea is this: there's no need to buy a 3D printer (they sell those too) just like there's no need to buy a regular printer, scanner or copy machine. Just come into the service center and Staples will take care of the job for you. They'll have the equipment there.
Tara Matthews, a Peace Corps volunteer in Kitgum, Uganda founded Kids Who Click, a program encouraging youth to capture and
Goldsmith told Yahoo Tech the project was inspired by, and is dedicated to, programmer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz
Businesses have a responsibility to keep the pressure on the public with more green choices and the public has a responsibility to challenge businesses to think what is good for all living things.
A saffron-robed monk chats on a cell phone or contemplates an iPad. This photo is meant to conjure contradiction -- a clash of cultures as ancient tradition meets modern technology. Yet, each time I see such images, they evoke for me the opposite.
I'd like to take a page, pun intended, from the Slow Movement and suggest "Slow Information," the ongoing inheritance of the 15th C. technology of Gutenberg. It's still going on, and not just at Colonial Williamsburg.
A Florida mayor used a rally this past weekend with Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan to push a new advertising
As Morgante so eloquently articulated, these printers: “can build your digital dreams.” The MakerBot Replicator, a personal
On every family vacation, he would seek out local potential customers and take me along to watch the way he lit a match and