Your partner just made fun of you in front of your friends. Now, you have to decide how to respond. Should you shrug it off and let it go, or really let them have it when you have a moment alone together?
Why don't you respond to my emails? You know me. I know you. We've spoken on the phone before. We worked together on a project. We had lunch. We had dinner. We've helped each other with a mutual customer. We've shared stories. We've exchanged emails before. But don't respond to my emails.
Photo Credit: The Demureist Every single day counts leading up to your big dreams, and even though you can't get it all done
Worse, I'm often multi-tasking -- listening to a podcast while I cruise Facebook and Twitter, for example -- which really
At one point, because enough people stood behind it, slavery was okay. At another point in time, women being excluded from
4. Start a new (not time-intensive) hobby together Easier said than done. But researchers think that one of the reasons the
So to every employee who has ever been questioned about a competing commitment: get along with your boss, but be strong in your own priorities. You are entitled to them.
In honor of these loving hardworking individuals, I wanted to jot down some of the best tricks that have helped me have a better relationship with time, AND with everything I have going on in my busy fun life.
Letting go of things that don't matter is an art I practice daily. Here are the big things I let go of:
Would you say your life is great? I've often heard people make this statement. Many times followed up by, "As long as those closest to me are happy, my life will continue to be great." For many years I thought it was one of the most selfless things a person could say