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Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is threatening to take legal action against TV stations airing an ad critical of the president’s response to the coronavirus crisis.
Priorities USA is adapting to the new world of political spending by bringing its ad-buying in-house.
The Republican nominee has provided a fair amount of fodder.
If Clinton was bought by investment bankers, hedge fund managers and the like, we'd expect to see them donating in large numbers to her campaign committee; even though individual contributions to that account are limited to $2,700 for the primary and another $2,700 for the general election, they are a good measure of which parts of the economy are really drawn to a candidate.
"When I saw Donald Trump mock someone with a disability, it showed me his soul, it showed me his heart."
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has repeatedly trashed super PACs and claimed he would run as a candidate who couldn't be bought. Through the end of April, it looked like no one really wanted to try that anyway.
The first anti-Trump ads from this Clinton super PAC don't hold back.
On the list of the largest U.S. companies by market value, those in the $30 billion to $45 billion range are household names: Capital One Financial, DirecTV, Phillips 66, Yahoo.
"I wish we never had to talk about it, but we have to talk about it."