Priscilla Presley

"Let me put this to rest... the girls have not been in foster care and never will be."
It's not easy being married to a rock legend -- especially when you're only 21.
Watch what happened when Priscilla Presley, Toni Collette, Jacqueline Bissett, Kenny G, Mike Tyson, Reggie Miller, Deidre Hall, Galen Gering, David Foster, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Angel Haze, Christina Milian and Stacy Schiff visited HuffPost live.
It wasn't easy being married to the King of Rock and Roll.
The King's ex-wife has big plans for keeping his music current.
The King's ex-wife discusses taking his music "into the future."
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January 8th marks what would have been the king of Rock-and-Roll’s 80th birthday.
Like many, we "Can't Help Falling In Love" with Elvis' songs and his legend, so we are celebrating him and his birthday with a list of destinations where his larger than life influence is on display to this day.
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Priscilla Presley has never stopped loving Elvis. And he never stopped loving her. Yes, they were married for six years. Yes, they were divorced. But their devotion, love, and respect for each other remained long after the ink was dry on the divorce papers they signed in 1973... actually, for the rest of the King of Rock 'n' Roll's life.
Priscilla Presley is on a mission. Cruelty to animals is never acceptable. Never! Presley made an important stop in Washington, D.C. recently to lobby Congress to pass the 'Prevent All Soring Tactics' (PAST Act) that will strengthen enforcement of the 1970 Horse Protection Act.
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