Even in the era of widening partisan gaps, it would be ill-advised to throw around indictments willy-nilly. Voters use James Comey's statements for the insights on Clinton's fitness for the presidency, not prison.
The sensational up-to-the-minute costume designs by Jon Morrell feature a bold geometric slash down the front of the women's
Why does our preconception with romantic love have to dictate our very being? Humans make the words. We can also redefine the words.
Benjamin Moe, 21-year-old co-founder and editor-in-chief of Table Talk, sneaks about the dimly lit corridors of a coal factory in rural Jaipur, tacking CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to the factory's rusty insides.
Little or no real analysis went into the question of why, while at a conference on media in St. Petersburg, the president of Russia would say those things or what he hoped to achieve by saying them. So, why did he do it?
Should we punish whistleblowers when their best efforts are directed toward ensuring that our own government acts within the Constitution? Must we sacrifice liberty for safety? These questions lie at the heart of the argument at the center of the web.
The amorphous nature of wars since at least the dawn of the Cold War in the mid-1940s has meant that the U.S. has more or less been at war for generations. This, in turn, has precipitated the ever-burgeoning war-industrial-intelligence complex.
Since leaked documents revealed that Internet companies like Apple, Facebook and Google were giving the National Security Agency vast access to people's online information under a scheme codenamed PRISM, those Silicon Valley titans have taken pains to deny participation in such a program.
Since leaked documents revealed that Internet companies like Apple, Facebook and Google were giving the National Security
With every fresh leak, the world learns more about the U.S. National Security Agency's massive and controversial surveillance
"Private data" on the Internet? Forget about it. How do you think a "free app" is free? Do you think the app providers are offering a public service to benefit humanity? Nope.
The deluxe edition of Perry's album comes with seeds that fans are instructed to plant as a way "spread the light," as Perry
Now, as Gaga's "ARTPOP" makes its long-awaited debut on Nov. 11, the album will inevitably face comparisons with Perry's
For months, the American public has received a steady stream of new information detailing the massive scale and scope of
[via Billboard] Perry is no stranger to reigning supreme. Her last album, "Teenage Dream," sold 192,000 copies in its first
Others claimed the hack was the work of the “Rustle League," another hacker group: UPDATE 10 p.m.: The Associated Press reports
The forecast for "Prism" emphasizes a banner year for Perry, who nabbed her eighth No. 1 single with "Roar." Katy Perry's
Katy Perry's new album pumps out inspirational nuggets of hope, trust and self-worth, as she proves to all of us that vulnerability is beautiful.