Prison abuse

The reason for the torture is one of the backbones of this dual narrative novel. Photo: Kim Veillon Photography My background
One woman told police she "thought very seriously about suicide."
The New York Times has put the spotlight back on a 5-year-old incident.
For the first time, the Bureau of Prisons says that it may restrict letters, phone calls, and visits at the CMUs to immediate family members only, that it may give prisoners only six pieces of paper a week to write letters, and that prisoners may be restricted to as little as four hours of visits a month.
Writing inmates is an important task for us in the "free world." In the vein of Martin Luther King's letter crying "Why We Cant Wait," Comrade Malik writes us about current conditions in Texas prisons and specifically with the Houston Police Department and why we can't wait as prisoners are dying.
Latandra Ellington, a 36-year old mother of four children, died in a Florida prison last week. Ellington had just seven months left to serve of her twenty-two month sentence for grand theft when she was found dead in her cell.
Allegations of horrific and widespread abuse of Florida prisoners -- a story broken recently in a series of articles by the Miami Herald -- serve to remind us that we cannot, and should not, forget about prisoners. Take, for example, Darren Rainey and Randall Jordan-Aparo, who purportedly died in unthinkably cruel ways at the hands of their guards.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the report shows how separating non-citizens from the rest of the inmate population and putting them
The purported details of Darren Rainey’s last hour are difficult to read. “I can’t take it no more, I’m sorry. I won’t do
I won't ever forget my first 24 hours in jail. I can block out the faces of the men who sexually assaulted me, but I'm still haunted by what they did. The attack happened in a communal cell that held about 50 other people. I had tried to avoid being noticed at all, but that didn't work.
Other songs on the macabre soundtrack? Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" and several tunes by Julio Iglesias, according to interviews
Kim Millbrook was about four years into a 31-year sentence at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania when he
The infractions that landed him there? Smoking in the bathroom, visiting another prisoner's cell, drawing his initials on
As great as these changes to the patrol guide are, they will not stop the false arrests in suspicion of prostitution or racial profiling. They will not stop the NYPD "stop and frisk" policy.
Some undocumented men and women have claimed they were sexually assaulted on the way to airports as they were being deported
Prison guards in Iran are giving condoms to criminals and encouraging them to systematically rape young opposition activists
The complaint details more than a dozen instances in which it claims officers in two prisons -- the Denver Women's Correctional
This week, two more official accounts come out of Iran, confirming the extent of violence that is taking place in the country's detention centers.