prison costs

Some people may quickly say that inmates are in prison for punishment and therefore they should not get healthcare paid for by taxpayers. That thinking is not consistent with our American values.
"There's a lot of shame around it, and you think you're the only one going through it, but you're not."
Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, find some agreement that a problem exists when there are 4,000 federal laws that can land you in prison and more than two million Americans are in prison or jail.
In an interim move, the FCC limited per-minute rates to 25 cents for long-distance collect calls, meaning that a 15-minute
There will be fewer federal prosecutors and FBI agents available to bring charges and investigate federal crimes, and less money to support drug treatment programs, unless the U.S. curbs federal prison spending.
For at least the past decade, expanding prison and detention spending has been “crowding out” other criminal justice priorities
The cost to the government of these “lock ’em up and throw away the key” policies, in terms of skyrocketing prison construction
The spiraling costs of incarceration ironically are eating into the potential funding for the best viable option to solve the problem -- education.