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"What I would like is for Trump to review my situation and Pardon me," wrote Texas prisoner Crystal Mason.
JUST BEFORE DAWN, on the unseasonably warm morning of February 24, 1992, a small house caught fire in Old Hickory, Tennessee
Despite the lack of any reasonable hope of release, I am demonstrating my commitment to becoming a better productive member of society in whatever way I can.
I firmly believe there must be swift and certain consequences for all crime, but I also believe that the way our system deals with low-level, nonviolent and non-serious offenders wastes resources needed to fight more serious crime.
(AP) — President Barack Obama used the unique power of the nation's highest office Tuesday to correct a typo.
Life without parole plus 1,000 years. That is certainly making a statement. However, it is far from the longest sentence ever meted out to a criminal convicted of an especially heinous crime.
Howard Fineman joins Josh to discuss Jesse Jackson Jr.'s prison sentence.
Xavier McElrath-Bey joins Ahmed to discuss the injustice of youth being charged as adults.
Unfortunately, rehabilitation (the adult word for "learning a lesson") is often not at the heart of criminal justice reform. In fact, the harshness of a punishment is frequently not determined by the possibility of recidivism, but rather by public opinion.
Most recently, Frank J. Morrocco claimed he intentionally shoplifted so that he could go to prison and receive expensive
Little Sara Kruzan killed her trafficker when she was 16 years old. Sara's aunt, Anne Catherine Rogan, speaks eloquently of her niece, now 34 years old.
While the next chapter of their sad story is already known, Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah did share a touching moment
The three men used merger secrets gathered by Kluger while he worked as a corporate attorney for prominent law firms, including
CSP II, Colorado's newest solitary confinement prison, cost several hundred million dollars. We've used a small part for one year and are about to mothball it. It will likely never again be used for any purpose.
Somewhere in a U.S. prison today, a young Black man sits behind bars counting down the days till he sees freedom. He has become hardened and likely more dangerous while his White cellmate was released years prior for virtually the same crime.
Of the five years Douglas will serve in the prison system, the next few months will be the worst. The most difficult aspect of entanglements with the criminal justice system is the unknown.
Wild child Miley Cyrus has added yet another tattoo to her collection.
Meditate, pray, march, dance, sing, shout, laugh, whatever you can to help move this man out of his jail cell and into the open air after 33 hellish years.
In a few weeks, I will begin a one-year prison sentence for being in the possession of illegal firearms. Before I go to prison, I want to speak to young people about responsibility as a lifestyle.