prison spending

Arne Duncan calls on state and local leaders to make a change.
If state budget trends reflect the country's policy priorities, then the U.S. currently values prisoners over children, a
America's prison population has erupted over the last 30 years. However, there is one particular group of individuals who it appears are too important to throw behind bars, no matter how egregious their crimes.
According to the Pew Center, from 1987 to 2007, nationwide spending on corrections increased by 127 percent, while there
Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private incarceration company in the world, today convenes its annual shareholder meeting. Participants will pore over profit and revenue figures, but the real question is, should for-profit prisons exist at all?
Staying in school and receiving a quality education are the best deterrents to juvenile delinquency. Yet almost half of our states spend on average more than three times as much per prisoner as per public school pupil.
Faced with a $19 billion budget deficit this spring, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he was taking a
By blocking any new revenue streams to fund higher education, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Senate Republican minority are not only taxing California's young people and their families, they are crippling the state's future.