Prison violence

Violence that killed seven inmates in a South Carolina prison could have been prevented, prison experts say.
By Rebecca Hanson, University of Florida and Leonard Gómez Núñez, Universidad Nacional Experimental de Seguridad (UNES), Venezuela
By Christopher Zoukis The state's prison system has long been beset by severe overcrowding and understaffing. As of July
The number of suicides in solitary confinement recently increased by one with the passing of former NFL star and college
American prisons foster a culture of violence, hatred, bigotry and dominance. They take the criminally inclined, and not so inclined, and turn them into hardened convicts who, after a period of years, become dangerous men.
Working with the inmates and watching their incredible personal transformations has also been a transformative experience
The announcement this week by Sheriff Lee Baca that he agrees with and intends to implement all of the recommendations laid out in a new report by the Citizen's Commission on Jail Violence is welcome news.
A special committee already has begun to review the case files of nearly every inmate at Pelican Bay’s Security Housing Unit
The officers on Hall's team were on edge Dec. 16, 2010, when the fight broke out between Dean and Stephen Walden, a guard
It is a scandal that people housed in the custody of the government are not safe from sexual attack. No matter how terrible the crime, the sentence should not include being raped.