Pritzker Prize

Publicly rewarding collaborative work is new to the field of architecture.
We must celebrate Aravena, and transform this award, as he himself said, in a prize for an entire country. The country that are maybe not now, but we can become if we lift our heads and see what we can achieve when we build from our identity and our values.
You have to be special to want to inhabit a Glass House. The new Sanaa-designed Grace Farms River and Philip Johnson's Glass House to which it pays homage invite contemplation of what that really means.
Summer is on its way after a busy spring in the design world; Santiago Calatrava unveiled new public works in New York, which also completed another successful NYCxDesign. Shigeru Ban took on another relief project, deploying emergency shelter to earthquake ravaged Nepal and a state-of-the-art design studio flourishes in Amsterdam.
The world's premier architects are clamoring to work in neighborhoods across our community, new buildings are winning international awards and in what may be the strongest evidence yet, the Pritzker Prize (architecture's top honor) will be awarded in Miami Beach this week for the 1st time.
After closed-door deliberations the Pritzker Prize has decided to reject the petition to grant Denise Scott Brown inclusion on her husband Robert Venturi's 1991 prize.
Back in 1991 the Pritzker Prize was awarded to architect Robert Venturi. However Mr. Venturi's wife and partner, Denise Scott Brown, was not recognized. Now, two students at Harvard's Graduate School of Design have started a petition to have her officially included on her husband's prize.
-- And let me finish with one Los Angeles museum show that doesn't make headlines, but in a quiet way reveals the depth and
Museum Finds Masterpiece In Its Storage Bin: A soiled painting was revealed to be an 18th century Canaletto, thanks to one
Thanks paradoxically to nature's recent fury, there is a chance to pause and think about how best to shape a livable tomorrow directed by the kinds of limits that ultimately foster exactly such sustained growth.
As reported by El Mundo, Souto de Moura stated, “Portuguese architecture became a fashionable profession before the crisis
“If able men and women who are good Architects and Planners and socially responsible people are put in control I have seen
Wang Shu's work stands for, and the Pritzker jury statement sides with, one set of possibilities for China's future -- bold, forward-thinking development that is tempered by awareness of China's remarkable and distinctive past.
After more than 20 years of interviewing Gehry for newspapers, magazines and books, I could only imagine his satisfaction at his latest accolade.
2010-07-02-museum.jpgAn interview with the starchitecta tells of her work, her life and how to get it done.
2010-04-01-outside.jpg Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa say, "Our working world is very much like a big family. We like thinking about architecture. We keep each other from losing our way."
2010-05-27-outsidepull.jpg If ever there was an argument against the pig-headedness and jingoistic behavior of Arizona, Ellis Island and the Hispanic Society would be it.
El-Wakil is considered one of the most prominent proponents of contemporary Islamic architecture, making him a stimulating choice for the Driehaus Prize, which has thus far gone only to Western architects.