Reduce your footprint one day at a time.
Then Toyota’s wireless charging system will probably interest you. Regardless of which manufacturer comes out with the technology
As the world migrates away from carbon-based fuels, trillions of barrels of oil and billions of tons of coal -- the assets sitting on the books of energy companies -- will become "stranded," or worthless. It's a compelling argument, but only if we can answer a key question.
If you spend time with environmental activists, you'll find that most of us don't fit the stereotype. We won't scold you for driving the wrong car or turning up the heat on a cold day, and we probably tell more jokes about ourselves than any else.
From EarthTechling's Nino Marchetti: Of course one can’t speak to the environmental benefits of the Prius without looking
I gave up my car last July. Yes, you read that right. And it's been seven months of car-less bliss. continue to bike/bus/walk/hitch rides to get around.
When people are forced to follow the rules, a lot of them refuse to budge or push back. However, if the issue can be reframed, shall we say, the regulations could be a lot more effective.
Is 40 miles per gallon (mpg) the new 30? Could this be the de facto standard for a new crop of vigorous, green machines that promise to cart our gracefully aging selves around while taking baby sips of fuel or electrons?
The richest Americans can have any car that gets their engines going -- a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Porsche -- you name it
We just returned from our first weekend away from home since my husband's stroke 20 months ago.