privacy laws

BOSTON, April 8 (Reuters) - A U.S. magistrate judge in Boston in February ordered Apple Inc to assist law enforcement officers
Many greeted this idea with two words: good luck. If there's one thing teens aren't going to give up soon, it's their connection
The question of public access to footage obtained by police is a murky one. Michael Donaldson, a partner at Beverly Hills
Amongst countless Americans, my personal jury has been out concerning the NSA leaker saga, wondering if Snowden is friend
The truth is that we are hypocritical about privacy. We sign up for sites where we can share too much publically, and then balk because someone might have seen it.
Dictators, mired in more technologically primitive societies, didn't develop the fearsome new implements of control of the National Security State. Google and other leaders in this field of massively mined and shared information did.
In the coming weeks, as we've seen every year for the past six, there will be endless reports detailing the digital dangers and identity threats lurking in every corner of our highly networked universe. But to what end?
From identity theft to cyber-warfare, our inability to weigh risks in a rational way is costing us big time --- and may ultimately be our undoing.
"We're able to view just everything they do," said Diggins. What's not well-advertised by mobile providers is the option
"Categorical rules are, in my judgment, a straight jacket," Rosenzweig said. Experts at Tuesday's hearing also said Congress