private equity

One private-equity-led hospice chain has thousands of seniors in its care and millions of dollars in government revenue. The owner's identity is a mystery.
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse's criticism of Rep. Richard Neal's coziness with private equity tests the potency of an anti-corruption message for Democratic voters.
The company has an expired loan to “vulture” financiers and a pattern of laying off workers over the last two years.
Bankruptcy wasn't inevitable. It was Wall Street's business strategy.
This is why the bondholders will probably want a post IPO follow-on stock offering or two or three that will allow them to
1. Private Equity Private equity is a broad term encompassing the entire investment spectrum of the private capital markets
In a continent that bears 25 percent of the world's disease burden but has only 3 percent of its healthcare workers, the
Financiers will use it to bet on lawsuits, while taxpayers foot the bill.
Commercial real estate has the potential to offer long-term returns that are both healthy and stable. Most significantly, when added to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds, this asset class can decrease volatility and increase returns.
You may be reading that statement and think, "Well, what do I do when my network isn't very big? I have friends and family
We got curious recently about how private equity partners--widely considered financial engineers and quant jocks--choose CEOs after they acquire a company. Do they have a more scientific, rigorous methodology than the typical board of directors?
* Rosemary Batt from Cornell University co-authored this piece. This is important because portfolio company fees are sizable
What is most exciting to us is that we are learning more each day about the financing of renewable resources of whatever
Impact investing may have gotten off on the wrong foot, with venture-capital style private equity funds that generally have to be liquidated after 10 years.
If I'm certain of one thing, it is that no man would be forced into my shoes -- not because they are six inch heels, but because we live in a world of double standards, female imposter bias and misogynistic media who perceive women as career-breaking targets.
What can the rest of the country learn from this region's move to shift its racist legacy? Cities all over the country are facing challenges of homelessness and housing affordability at the same time they are wrestling with what compliance with HUD's affirmatively furthering fair housing means. The case of Seattle illustrates what is at stake.